Energy Solution
Our aim is to become a major biodiesel actor in West Africa, covering Togo, Ghana, and Benin to start and other countries to follow. We intend to cover the whole production and sales cycle from financing the farming of the crops to its transformation into fuel; and the sales of the biofuel to local factories, marine and conventional gas stations. Our vision is to bring sustainable development to West Africa by being a major actor in the alternative energy industry.

Development Vision
West Africa's development has been hampered by a lack of energy. Often students can only study until the sun comes down. Hospitals have no alternative power sometimes no power at all. Businesses critically need more energy in order to sustain their development. Providing this needed alternative source of energy to solve the fundamental needs of West Africa is our drive. Through our project, we are providing alternative source of income to farmers. As well, by-products such as soap and fertilizer generated by the chemical transformation could be sold by woman to help towards their empowerment.
Environment Focus
Our drive is not limited to the development vision, but carries on in helping to achieve the Kyoto Protocol goals and take on the Millennium Challenge. Jatropha is not an edible crop; it grows on non-fertile soil; and can be cross planted: Meaning we are not competing with the food industry, but rather planting more trees towards reforestation. Our environmental focus goes further than just nature. We intend to have a strong positive impact in the communities we are involved with by using generated profits to build schools, small clinics, and bring clean water.

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